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MELLOW BUMPS COURSE:  The next course will start on Tuesday 2nd May 1-3pm and run for 6 Tuesday afternoons ending on 9th June.  If your baby is due from early July onward and you would like more information, download the leaflet or contact us by calling or email  MELLOW BUMPS PARTICPANT LEAFLET MAY 23

Mellow Parenting; Toyhouse has 2 mellow course qualified trainers and offers both the 14 session Mellow Babies/Toddlers and the 6 session Mellow Bumps, for expectant mums. These parenting courses are for MOTHERS and their CHILDREN together run at The Toyhouse centre.

Mellow Parenting is an evidenced based course designed to help MOTHERS who, for one reason or another, struggle with the challenges of parenting. It is for parents of under-fives and their Children together. We will meet one day a week for 14 weeks and there will be a maximum of 8 parents in the group. The course is free of charge includinga light lunch and each session will be divided into 3 parts.
Personal Group: You will join a group of parents with whom you can discuss the links between your own experiences in childhood and your experience of being a parent.
Activity and lunch with your child: All parents& facilitators involved in the group will prepare and eat a healthy lunch together with their children. After lunch, we will take part in group activities, during which you will be encouraged to play together with your child.
Parents’ workshop: In this session, you will get the chance to watch films of interactions between parents and their children and learn about positive parenting. Usually you will be given tasks to do at home, to practise new activities or skills that you have learned about on the course. During this final group session you will have the opportunity to discuss the task, successes from what you’ve learned and you will also be encouraged to try new solutions to your parenting challenges.
Other information: Use of video……We will take a video of you and your children before the course starts. Most people do not like to be videoed but we have found it is a great way to look back on you and your children. The film will belong to YOU and you will be able to watch it through with staff before choosing a clip to share in the group. Parents are usually surprised at how much is going on between parents and children when they get the chance to see it on film!