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Toyhouse Aims


“Our vision is an enviroment in which all those involved with Toyhouse can develope their skills and resilience, enabling them to achieve their aspirtations”

Mission Statement

Toyhouse makes a difference: …..

by supporting the wellbeing of families locally and throughout the community. With over 35 years’ experience of working with families through the medium of play, Toyhouse fosters attachment between parents and children, enabling them to interact together and share experiences. Toyhouse empowers individuals, families, volunteers and employees to develop the skills and reslience to achieve their aspirations……………..

early support for a better future


The Management Committee is the Governing Body of Toyhouse and consists of a maximum of 15 people with an interest in the ethos and the service delivery of the organisation.
Members are usually elected by the Toyhouse Membership at the AGM – Annual General Meeting, held each autumn. People are nominated for their interest and involvement in at least one area of Toyhouse service delivery and stand for a year but can be re-elected each year.
After the AGM The Management Committee elects its own Officers to serve for the upcoming year. Currently there are 13 Management Committee members and the Officers are:

PATRON:  Cath Armstrong

VICE CHAIRS: Sian Harris
TREASURER: Val Whitehead


Toby Evans

Kalsoom Khan

Halon Iqbal

Fatimah Jobber

Zenith Rahman

Renee Lawrence

Wenkana Lu

The current members bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to the organisation, supporting Toyhouse work and ensuring all we deliver is in accordance with our Aims & Mission. Between then they have the following areas of expertise: An Early Years Assistant; a Nursery Nurse; a Midwife; a Health Strategist; a Community Worker; a Sound Engineer; a  Teacher; a former & a current Toyhouse Volunteer; a Business Executive; a person who has run their own business and a former OFSTED Inspector.

Management Committee meetings are held 6 times per year in The Toyhouse Centre.