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NEXT TRAINING COURSE STARTS Tuesday 25th April contact us now for more information if you would like to be on this course or download the information leaflet and applicaiton form

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Do you have some time to volunteer to support a local mum-to-be or a parent of a baby?

Or know of a parent or expectant mum who would benefit from being linked with one of our training Peer Support Volunteers? 

Toyhouse Has been commissioned to run this project in part of the borough via a Tower Hamlets initiative to provide one to one support to more vulnerable families at any time point from conception through until the baby’s first birthday. Toyhouse is co-ordinating recruitment of local women to be trained as Peer Supporters to provide this one to one support of more vulnerable families living in the north east half of the Borough. Toyhouse will also provide training, ongoing support and supervision to Peer Supporters. Anyone interested in finding out more about how to become a Peer Supporter and what it might involve should contact Toyhouse for more information.

Any mum-to-be or parent wanting some additional support in these crucially important early days please contact Toyhouse and we can discuss what might be possible.
If you are a professional and want to discuss a family who might benefit from support please contact us. at suresteps@toyhouse.org.uk