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A homebased project supporting parents to interact with their pre-school children t via the medium of play & building confidence to access local sessions. Referral only.

Toyhouse has a successful track record of engaging with families in a range of situations and complex needs, often living in circumstances that make accessing services more difficult. We are able to put into action the knowledge, skills and expertise we have gained over the years to support these families to making the best use of the range ofappropriate services on offer in Tower Hamlets.

By means of regular, weekly home visiting our workers will take toys and activity packs in to the family home. They will interact with the child and parent, introducing the activity and toy,then leaving it with the family until the next visit. Our aim is to offer support and befriending to build a rapport with the families, both adults and children. We will actively support the family by accompanying them to a local session and activities, by the end of the period of intervention, we hope that they will feel able to access the sessions alone and unaided. We can also refer the family, if it is felt there may be a need for some additional or specialised support

If you would like further information or have a family you would like to refer please contact us